Veronique Bonnefoy worked with us on the production of ‘Murder on the Orient Express’.

We wanted an on-set advisor who could help create a high class environment and a sumptuous atmosphere on our fictional train.
I approached Veronique because of her experience in catering and she rose to the challenge of teaching our train staff cast in the various ways of waiting and kitchen etiquette.

If we needed to know the correct and proper way to serve dishes or drinks, or create food plates, or behave towards the guests – Veronique knew the answer.

She is a delightful person to work with, very responsive, and creative, coming up with ideas to help scenes. She also coped with the very flexible nature of filming admirably, making herself available when the schedule changed.

I wouldn’t hesitate to ask Veronique for her help on the next film I work on, a welcome addition to a hard-working crew.


Anna Brabbins
2nd Assistant Director

― Kenneth Branagh “Murder on the Orient Express”