Geoff Booth

Veronique joined Westminster Kingsway College Hospitality training team in 2006 (having been recruited from her previous role as Training Manager for Gordon Ramsay Holdings).
She immediately set about modernising the operating procedures for all hospitality areas.Veronique was responsible for leading the service teams in doubling the revenue of the restaurant operation. This was achieved by building a loyal client base, creating great rapport between the team and the visitors to the restaurants, and ensuring that clients returned to the restaurants on a regular basis. She increased the opening hours of the service outlets and introduce new menus, new wine lists, specific events where all regular guests would attend.By concentrating on specific areas of the service procedures, and finding ways of structuring the menu to encourage additional spending, Veronique led the team to increase average customer spending and ensured that restaurant occupancy increased to its full capacity.

For many guests, this resulted in their average spend doubling.

Whilst many restaurants concentrate on improvements in the quality of service, Veronique was able to lead her teams to combine this with generating substantial additional revenue as well.

When Veronique left Westminster Kingsway College in 2016 to set up her own training company (Skills-Republic), we knew she would achieve great success.

Geoff Booth
― Geoff Booth, Westminster Kingsway College Director of School of Hospitality and Business Enterprise