Welcome to Skills Republic

At Skills Republic we have a positive vision of what training can do: From improving skills and confidence; by developing knowledge and capability, our training gives people a better chance to find work and grow their careers. We help make businesses more efficient; more profitable and know how to offer customers a better experience of our industry and all it offers. We want to grow the reputation of the hospitality sector and help it boost the UK economy.

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People are at the centre of everything we do; and that includes our own staff, our apprentice trainees and the guests we provide a service to. Skills Republic takes pride in changing people’s lives by developing their knowledge, skills and determination to succeed.
1 Apprenticeship Training; Programme design; bespoke delivery; Skills development and End Point Assessments (EPAs):


Skills Republic works with our employer partners and associates to deliver Education, Levy funded training at all levels.
We support our employer clients with Apprenticeship training at all levels and across all departments in the Hospitality and Business environments. Face to Face learning; Assessment schedules; Skills demonstrations all reinforced with online learning platforms to build on training messages. We also work with our associates to provide an End Point Assessment for 21st century Apprenticeships.
Using a number of client based locations across Greater London, we can offer all of the Training and Development activities, coaching as well as the end assessment process to ensure that apprenticeship candidates can demonstrate their competence, knowledge and capability.
Our team of expert staff have all been drawn from the sector we serve and have years of industry experience and training integrity. We are able to carry out professional discussions, supervised online, on-demand, multiple-choice testing, practical skills competence assessments, Project Assessments, and one-to-one coaching.
We use sites across London and a specialist development centre and training venue in Marseille, (where we offer cultural business training and food development explorations).
Our Mediterranean venue is ideal for London based guests who can travel directly from London St Pancras to Marseille in six and half hours (by Eurostar), or fly to Marseille in in less than 90 minutes. Our centre is just 20 minutes from Marseille Provence airport, and 30 minutes from Marseille St Charles train station

2. High End Hospitality Service Training to Hotels and Luxury Yacht market.


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With over two decades of experience in Michelin starred Restaurant Service environments,  The Skills Republic team provides the highest level Service training, suited for those wishing to work in the luxury yacht market, High Level Service Training for Hospitality Professionals. The training is delivered by our resident experts and features live food service and wine tasting interventions

We also believe that communication, and understanding the expectations of guests,  are key parts of building client relationships and providing exceptional service.

3. Restaurant Service Etiquette Advisor to Film industry

We offer training on: Table Theatre; Table settings; Silver Service; Flambee work; Carving, Filleting; Service of Champagne and Fine Wine; and mixology.

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Murder O E Crispin

4. Hotel, Restaurant, Kitchen Development & Service Skills

We are able to respond swiftly to training requests and provide key interventions to help build confidence and capabilities for our client groups. We offer training in a range of topics:img_0142

  • Hotel planner developer
  • Wine and Food Service Pairing Skills
  • Upselling Skills
  • Food Preparation and Cooking level 1 to 4
  • Food Service Skills level 1 to 4
  • Knife Skills
  • Silver Service Skills
  • Drink Service Skills (hot and cold)
  • Barista Training
  • Bar Service and Cocktail making

5. Technology – The Learning Platform

Skills Republic uses the latest online intelligence and mobile technologies to enhance face to face, live training and development programmes. Our courses are custom designed to help build contemporary knowledge, skills and understanding.

6. Skills Republic Centre for Food Development and Culinary Innovation

Our International Culinary and Enterprise Challenge (BritCA), was established in 2009 with a partnership between Great Britain and California.


It has now expanded to feature Hospitality, Science, Food Development, Enterprise, Design and Packaging students from London; Pasadena, Fresno, California; Puebla, Mexico; Sao Paolo, Brazil; and Marseille, France.


The Directors of Skills Republic have close links to the culinary and service professionals of England and France.

The current President of the ACF de Londres has joined Skills Republic, bringing well established longstanding relationships with a wide range of professional associations including: The Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, Institute of Hospitality, HR Managers in Hospitality, Academy of Food and Wine Service and Les Disciples d’Escoffier.

These valuable affiliates have all helped us build a network of colleagues who have both contributed to our bank of expertise and accessed our training offer.