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Our Apprenticeship Philosophy
The Skills Republic understand the true value of apprenticeships: They help raise self-esteem, build confidence, skills and knowledge to help develop a person’s true potential. We recognise how this can change lives by raising the aspirations of apprentice employees of all ages: Employers benefit from improved performance, better working practices, smarter thinking, greater productivity and satisfaction and loyalty from staff and customers alike.
Founded by a group of business and hospitality professionals, we formed to provide flexible, innovative high quality apprentice training across a range of roles: Chefs, Food Service, Team Leaders, Supervisors, Managers, Sales, Comms, Marketing, Administrators and all Customer facing departments.

Our Apprenticeship training objectives include:
• Ensuring our employer partners benefit from well trained apprentices, who work smart and help improve the profitability and reputation of the business
• Building the self-esteem, confidence, skills and knowledge of each of our apprentices
• Developing the capabilities of work teams to improve their skills and job knowledge to provide higher levels of service and support for their guests and clients
The development of the capabilities of our apprentice learners, will lead to improved guest satisfaction, customer loyalty, improvement in productivity and the reputation of their employer’s business.

Course Offers:

  • Hospitality Team Member
  • Hospitality Supervisor
  • Hospitality Management
  • Commis Chef
  • Chef de Partie
  • Business Administrator
  • Event Assistant
  • Customer Service Practitioner
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing

Well trained, confident staff who know their capabilities, are a vital part of any successful business. They can contribute towards the development of the reputation and financial performance of an organisation. Well planned apprentice training programmes will develop skills, knowledge and understanding as well reducing labour turnover. Staff become better motivated, enjoying their jobs more as well as becoming more effective in their roles, more confident in their teams.
We want to develop our apprentices to fulfil their potential and be able to progress towards their career goals. Hospitality provides many opportunities for progress and development. For those who embrace training and all of its outcomes, there are plenty of avenues for them to explore. Team work, problem solving, product knowledge, customer empathy all offer the apprentice a variety of opportunities to perform. We like to think that our support and preparation enables our apprentice graduates to progress faster than most.

Our Experience
Each of our management team has experience of the roles and environments in which they now develop training for. All have previously worked in the sector in which they now train others.
Their wealth of knowledge and understanding means that they are more than just a trainer, or manager, they have the ability to provide real advice, support and guidance for those who want to make their apprentice training programme work.
Our Director of Curriculum has over 30 years education and training management experience drawn from management positions held within a range of FE college and private training organisations.
Our Programme Managers have all held management positions in industry and in educational and training environments too.
Our business specialises in the Hospitality, Business, Enterprise and Communications sectors
All of our vocational trainers have been recruited from industry training positions or from the PACE network of Hospitality, Food, Tourism, and Events related training environments.

Our team have worked with some interesting people:
We work with a range of employers across the Hospitality and Business sectors in greater London.

Our clients include:
The Mandrake Hotel, 20th Century Fox; The Goring Hotel, Park Plaza Hotels; Baxter Storey; Gate Group; Claridges; Savoy; Millennium Copthorne Hotels; Chelsea FC; Victoria Passage; Bourne Leisure, Caffe Nero, the RAC Club
Our Apprenticeship Programmes
We create original, innovative, face to face apprentice training – designed to engage and inspire our apprentice to develop their thinking and their understanding of modern business and how it works.
Our sessions are interactive, apprentice centred, and designed to build confidence and self-esteem, as well as practical skills and knowledge appropriate to the roles and responsibilities and working environments we serve.
We believe apprentice training should feature a blend of modern teaching and training sessions, mixed with a range of innovative professional challenges and assessments. We encourage our apprentice trainees to reinforce their live training and coaching sessions with independent study via our online learning platforms. Not everyone learns at the same pace, so we believe in giving our apprentice trainees every opportunity to discover learning in the way it suits them best.
We challenge and stretch our apprentices to think for themselves, and we deliver skills and knowledge in a way that fits with their preferred learning style.

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