About Us


Our team are drawn from all areas of the Hospitality industry. We have assembled a group of individuals who possess a wealth of industry knowledge and experience – from Restaurateurs,  Sommeliers, Chefs, Food Development entrepreneurs, to Hotel and Operational Managers from across the UK, US and France. They have been selected for their exceptional Restaurant, Culinary and Management skills and their ability to work with people to support the needs of their businesses.

My background is fine dining restaurants and Training and Development. Our philosophy at Skills Republic is to ensure we fully understand what our clients want and then design and deliver the right developmental solution to help them grow their businesses. We believe in the value of outstanding communication skills, integrity and in developing excellent rapport with the clients we serve.

I have been appointed as one of the ambassadors for the future talent of the restaurant trade in France. I am looking forward to promoting opportunities across our great industry in the UK and anywhere else Skills-Republic is involved.

My colleagues across France are committed to the development of young restaurant talent of the future. I want to ensure that people looking to join The hospitality industry in London Are given the same opportunities. Have a look at the OS service website http//www.Oservice.fr for more details it will be translated into English quite soon.
“O Service des talents de demain” has been created thanks to Denis Courtiade, the restaurant Director of Alain Ducasse in Paris. His association is supported by some of the best sponsors in the industry.

Call us to find out how we can support your organisation and develop your people, increase your profitability and increase retention of staff. We can help you resolve problems swiftly and grow your customer base. We can provide support to ensure that your staff are all working to achieve the highest standards in order to build your business.

Denis Courtiade, Restaurant Director, Alain Ducasse, Paris